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Who I Am Hates Who I've Been

But who I am will take the second change You gave me

Learn Something From A Blue-Eyed Girl
12 January
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I'm hopelessly devoted to my God. I love reading books and watching movies. I'm passionate about music and showing God's love to teens. I'm not emo/scene/average/typical. I like bubble baths and lollipops, the colour blue and mashed potatos.
abstinence, aladdin, america, anne of green gables, anti-abortion, anti-scene, anti-screamo, architecture, art, audio adrenaline, barlowgirl, beauty and the beast, being happy, being random, belts, ben folds five, bethany dillon, blue, books, brad paisley, bring it on, building 429, cars, ccm, chicago, chris rice, christmas, classical music, coffee, coldplay, converse, country music, cowboys, david crowder band, day of fire, dctalk, dead poet's society, driving, duran duran, flip flops, flowers, fm static, football, gap, god, green tea, guitars, happy bunny, hawaii, hawk nelson, homestar runner, hoodies, howie day, interior decor, j.r.r. tolkien, jane austen, jars of clay, jeans, jeremy camp, jesus christ, jimmy wayne, joan of arcadia, john reuben, josh gracin, josh groban, journals, kutless, l.m. montgomery, lace, larue, laughing, leis, lifehouse, linda herring, lion king, lord of the rings, lotion, mac, mark schultz, maryland basketball, michael buble, michael card, mochaccinos, modern art, moulin rouge, movies, music, myspace, newsboys, nissan altima, peanut butter, perfume, photography, pianos, pink, pirates of the carribean, poetry, puerto rico, purity, purses, rascal flatts, redskins, reese's, relient k, remember the titans, roses, sanctus real, seven places, shoes, shrek, skirts, sky harbor, small town poets, soccer, spanish, stacie orrico, star wars trilogy, stellar kart, sterio motion, steven curtis chapman, strawberry lemonade, surfers, sweet home alabama, switchfoot, teen girl squad, the 80's, the 90's, the beach, the beatles, the grinch, the notebook, third day, thousand foot crutch, tim mcgraw, toby mac, todd agnew, tracie peterson, trading spaces, tree63, trogdor, u2, under the tuscan sun, veggie tales, vertical horizon, what not to wear, while you were out, writing, xanga